The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime troops shell areas Homs, and the helicopters drop explosive barrel on areas in Hama

Homs Province: The regime forces opened fire and shelled areas in the road linking between the two areas of Gharnata and Kisin, villages and towns of al- Salheyyah, Abo Iliyya, al- Rajm al- Aali and al- Holi with no information about casualties.


A commander of a rebel brigade died in clashes with the regime forces in the eastern countryside of Homs.


Hama Province: The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the two villages of Abo Hbaylat and Hamada Omar, which is controlled by IS, in the east of Hama.  They also dropped some other barrels on the agriculture lands between the town of Allatamnah and village of al- Zallaqeyyat in the north