Armed fight erupts among Turkish-backed factions in Afrin • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Armed fight erupts among Turkish-backed factions in Afrin

Aleppo Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources have informed SOHRT that clashes with light and medium weapons erupted in Afrin city center, north-west of Aleppo, between a group of “al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah” and gunmen of the “51st Brigade”.

According to SOHR sources, the clashes intensified and evolved to the use of heavy weapons like RPG and anti-tank shells, triggering panic among the city’s people. Reasons behind this fight have yet to be known.

On March 21, SOHR sources reported that that Turkish-backed fighters of “Al-Hamzah Division”, stationed at a military checkpoint in Al-Basutah area in Afrin countryside, opened fire on a young man of “Al-Muwali” tribe. The young man died instantly.

This incident comes after orders, given by a military commander in “Al-Hamzah Division”, to shot every one refuses to stop at the checkpoint. Meanwhile, a state of tension is prevailing in the area for fear of the incident’s repercussions.

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