The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A fighter from the Islamic factions blows himself up in the countryside of Aleppo, and the regime forces shell the city of Aleppo

Aleppo Province: Clashes had taken place between the regime forces, backed by NDF, against the rebel and Islamic battalions on the outskirts of the neighborhood of Bani Zeid and in the neighborhood of al- Khaldiyyi in the north of Aleppo.


The helicopters a barrel bomb on the village of Aqrab in the west of Aleppo and a barrel on an area around Khan Toman Hill.


A boy from the neighborhood of al- Forqan in the city of Aleppo tortured to death inside the regime jails after he was arrested 4 monts ago on charge of “dealing with rebel battalions”.


IS militants launched some shells on the city of Mare’ in the north of Aleppo.


A loud explosion was heard in the western countryside of Aleppo. The resources informed SOHR that the explosion caused by bombing of a fighter for himself at a checkpoint near the town of Orem al- Kobra which led to injure most of members of the checkpoint.


The rebel battalions targeted by homemade shells the regime positions in the school of Bayt al- Hekmah on the outskirts on the neighborhood of al- Rashedin leading to destroy a regime heavy machine- gun. They also launched shells on the regime- held areas in the neighborhoods of Tishreen, al- Jamiliyyi and Shihan.


2 suspected ground- to- ground missiles launched by the regime forces landed on the neighborhoods of Bostan al- Qaser and Qarleq in the city of Aleppo. The regime forces shelled places in the neighborhoods of Bostan al- Qaser, al- Kellasah, al- MashHad and on Jeser al- Haj area in the city of Aleppo.