Mediated by Syrian Red Crescent, Sweida's dignitaries receive bodies of six fighters killed by Bosra al-Sham's gunmen • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Mediated by Syrian Red Crescent, Sweida’s dignitaries receive bodies of six fighters killed by Bosra al-Sham’s gunmen

SOHR sources say that the bodies of six persons of Sweida were handed over today to Jabal-Al Arab’s dignitaries by the Syrian Red Crescent. The handover took place in Ara area, west of Sweida.

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Bosra Al-Sham’s gunmen who attacked Al-Quraya area in the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa, executed six local fighters from Al-Suwaidaa after being captured in yesterday’s clashes. Pictures of the victims were sent to their families after the execution.

SOHR sources reported earlier this morning that tense calm is prevailing the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa after yesterday’s dramatic developments in several areas there. Meanwhile, local gunmen in the area are on high alert in anticipation for possible operations in the wake of ongoing security tension.

Developments started in the area three days ago when a gang led by a man, known by his initials as Y.A., kidnapped two young men from Bosra Al-Sham in the eastern countryside of Daraa. The two young people were taken to the gang’s headquarters in Al-Quraya, south of Al-Suwaidaa.

Gunmen from Bosra Al-Sham attacked Al-Quraya yesterday evening, in response to the kidnapping of the two young men, where they attempted to kidnap people from the area. These attacks were followed by fierce clashes between the attackers and local gunmen from Al-Quraya, leaving ten gunmen of local factions dead and six others injured, while four gunmen of the attackers were killed.

Local gunmen in Al-Suwaidaa headed later to arrest the ringleader (Y.A.) in his headquarters in Al-Quraya, but the ringleader blew himself up with an explosive vast leaving a local gunman dead and three others injured.

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