New Turkish military reinforcement enters NW Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New Turkish military reinforcement enters NW Syria

Syrian Observatory activists have reported seeing a new Turkish military column of nearly 40 vehicles crossing this afternoon into the Syrian territory, via Kafr Lusin crossing on Iskenderun border. The vehicles headed to Turkish positions in Idlib.

As Turkey keeps sending more military reinforcement to NW Syria, the number of Turkish military units, which entered the “de-escalation zone” since the new ceasefire came into effect has risen to 2,190, in addition to the entry of hundreds of soldiers.

From February 2 to date, SOHR activists monitored the entry of more than 5,595 trucks and military vehicles to the Syrian territory, including tanks, personnel carriers, armored vehicles, mobile bulletproof guard booths and military radars. Meanwhile the number of Turkish soldiers who were deployed during the same period in Idlib and Aleppo exceeded 10,250.

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