The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish-backed fighters demonstrate in Tal Abyad city demanding move to northern Syria

Syrian Observatory sources have reported seeing tens of Turkish-backed fighters of “Peace Spring” operation massing near Al-Alam roundabout in Tal Abyad city “Kari Sabi”, north of Al-Raqqah. According to SOHR sources, the fighters demanded be allowed to move to areas controlled by “Euphrates Shield” and “Olive Branch” and replaced with other rebels. They also called upon Turkish forces to pay their salaries.

The fighters opened fire up in the air expressing their discontent and protesting Turkey’s policy of treating the rebels in areas controlled by “Peace Spring” factions.

On March 17, SOHR sources reported that widespread tension prevailed in areas controlled by Turkish forces and their proxies in Ras Al-Ain in Al-Hasakah countryside and Tal Abyad in rural Al-Raqqah.

Fighters of “National Army” factions held sit-in demonstrations and protests, demanding Turkey pay their salaries, open the border and shift fighters. The fighters have cut off the roads in Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad using rubber tires.