Russian jets fly over the "de-escalation zone" amid shelling and clashes between rebels and regime forces south of Idlib • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian jets fly over the “de-escalation zone” amid shelling and clashes between rebels and regime forces south of Idlib

Syrian Observatory activists have reported that clashes erupted in Rwayhat Jaradah in the southern countryside of Idlib in the early hours of Monday morning, between regime forces and loyalists on one hand, and opposition factions and jihadi groups on the other. The clashes coincided with exchange of shelling and attacks, and confirmed casualties in the ranks of both sides were reported.

Meanwhile, SOHR sources have monitored heavy flight of Russian jets and reconnaissance drones over Idlib and Aleppo countryside. Regime forces also shelled places in Saraqeb countryside, east of Idlib

On the other hand, a regime-backed militiaman was killed in the explosion of ammunition depot in Miznaz village yesterday. The identity of the deceased militiaman has yet to be known whether being Syrian or of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that regime forces shelled Mara’and village and surrounding areas near the frontlines of rural Latakia, Salehiya and Afes in rural Idlib. Sporadic sniping and clashes took place on frontlines with regime forces.

On the other hand, Observatory activists reported hearing a loud explosion suggested to be caused by the explosion of an ammunition depot in regime-held areas in Miznaz village, west of Aleppo.

Otherwise, tense calm prevailed in the “Putin-Erdogan” area on the 31st day of the new ceasefire.

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