Rocket fire hits positions in the "de-escalation zone" as ceasefire enters its 34th day • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rocket fire hits positions in the “de-escalation zone” as ceasefire enters its 34th day

Syrian Observatory sources say that regime forces and loyalists fired several rockets in the early hours of Wednesday morning, targeting Saferah, Sfuhen, Al-Fterah and Al-Barah in southern Idlib, the vicinity of Sarmin in eastern Idlib, Al-Haddadah hill in the northern countryside of Latakia, and Atareb city in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The shelling coincided with heavy overflight of Russian and Turkish reconnaissance drones over the area.

On the other hand, rebel and jihadi factions targeted regime positions in Saraqeb, east of Idlib, with several rockets. These violations come on the 34th consecutive day of the new ceasefire in the “de-escalation zone”.

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