The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coronavirus in regime-held areas: 116 Iranians and Iranian-backed foreign militiamen are infected with the virus, while the number of Syrian cases jumps to 42

Reliable medical sources in regime-controlled areas have informed the Syrian Observatory that the number of Syrians infected with the novel coronavirus has risen to 42, in Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia, Tartus, Homs, Hama and Daraa. Meanwhile, the number of people who have been quarantined jumped to 410, 180 of whom tested negative and were discharged from hospitals.

As the Syrian government continues to keep the real number of infected cases in its controlled areas a secret, Syrian regime’s Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the total number of infected cases with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reached 25.

On the other hand, reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that the number of infected cases among Iranian forces, “Fatemiyoun” militia, and Iranian-backed militias of non-Syrian nationalities operating on the Syrian territory has risen to 116.

The spread of the novel coronavirus among the Iranians and Iranian-backed militiamen comes primarily in Deir Ezzor, while Aleppo is ranked the second. Reliable reports have confirmed the spread of the virus in Sayeda Zeinab area, south of Damascus.

Nearly 30 cases among the Iranians and Iranian-backed militiamen have recovered. However, there is concern for the safety of civilians in areas where Iranian militiamen are located whether in Deir Ezzor, Aleppo or southern Rif Dimashq, of catching the novel coronavirus. This concern escalates, especially after a large number of regime soldiers confirmed infected with the virus because of mingling with Iranian forces.