Tension continues between Turkish forces and demonstrators on M4 road, while HTS and factions are on high alert • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tension continues between Turkish forces and demonstrators on M4 road, while HTS and factions are on high alert

Tension still overshadows the M4 road of Aleppo-Latakia from the village of Tarnaba, east of Idlib city. The Syrian Observatory has monitored engaging in hand-to-hand fight between protesters and Turkish soldiers in the area, in an attempt by Turkish forces to disperse the crowd who refuse to leave the area.

Meanwhile, tensions are still ongoing between HTS on one side, and the “National Front” factions and “Al-Sham Corps” on the other, amid new arrests from both sides’ checkpoints in al-Foua and other areas in Idlib province, while the faction checkpoints in the area are on a military alert.

The Syrian Observatory monitored earlier new tension prevailing in and around the Latakia-Aleppo International highway, between HTS on the one hand, and the “National Front” and “Al-Sham Corps” on the other.

A checkpoint of HTS arrested a commander of Turkish-backed “Al-Sham Corps” along with a number of his members near the town of Al-Nairb, east of Idlib.

On the other hand, a checkpoint belonging to HTS arrested a group of members of the “National Front for Liberation”, while heading towards frontlines with regime forces in Saraqeb, east of Idlib, impounding their vehicles and weapons, without knowing the reasons and motives.

This development comes in light of tightening of security at HTS checkpoints in all HTS-controlled areas in Idlib and rural Aleppo.

SOHR sources reported this morning that a large unit of Turkish forces stormed the site of a sit-in staged by protesters on the Latakia-Aleppo international road.

SOHR sources said that dozens of Turkish soldiers stormed this morning civilian sit-in protest the Russian-Turkish agreement, demolishing tents and forming a human wall in front of the protesters and beating some of them.

Gunshots were also heard in the area, and there was no faction present with Turkish forces during the crackdown on the protest.

The sit-in site is a new one located near the village of Tarnaba, east of Idlib, which was set up a few days ago.

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