The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

(Video) Jihadists threaten to behead Turkish soldiers and display “their decapitated heads” on M4

The Syrian Observatory has obtained a video footage showing jihadists standing nearby Turkish soldiers on Aleppo-Latakia international highway (M4) to the flank of Al-Nayrab town in eastern Idlib. In the footage, one of  the jihadiests is heard talking derisively to the Turkish soldiers “we really like you, so we will behead you God willing. Do not be afraid, we will not take your heads with us, we will leave them on the highway.”

The jihadaists continued mocking the Turkish soldiers by using military terms and jargon commonly known among Syrians. The end of the video also shows the jihadists verbally abusing the Turkish soldiers using Turkish swearwords.

On April 13, SOHR sources reported that a large group of Turkish units stormed the site of a sit-in staged by protesters on the Latakia-Aleppo international road.

According to SOHR sources, dozens of Turkish soldiers stormed that morning a sit-in held by civilians who oppose the agreement between Turkey and Russia. The Turkish troops demolished tents, formed a human wall in front of the protesters and beat some of them.

Gunfire was also heard in the area, while there were no any factions present with Turkish forces during the crackdown on the protest.

The site of this sit-in have been agreed upon a few days ago, and it is located near the village of Tarnaba, east of Idlib.