Two explosions target military headquarters of "National Defense Forces" in Al-Qamishli city  • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two explosions target military headquarters of “National Defense Forces” in Al-Qamishli city 

SOHR activists say that two explosions were heard this evening in Al-Qamishli city, targeting the headquarters of the “National Defense” in Al-Qamishli city near Al-Salam roundabout.

Meanwhile, National Defense members opened fire on a checkpoint belonging to “Al-Asayish”. No casualties have been reported.

The Internal Security Forces (Asayish) had issued a statement accusing the regime-backed “National Defense Forces” (NDF) of attacking their post in Al-Qamishli city in Al-Hasakah countryside.

SOHR obtained a copy of the statement which reads “militiamen affiliated to the regime-backed National Defense Forces threw two grenades, on Thursday evening the 16th of April, on a checkpoint of Asayish Forces in Al-Qamishli.”

The statement clarified that one grenade exploded, while the other was defused. The explosion caused material damage only.

“The area has been combed, just in case there was dangerous or explosive ordnance left by the militiamen”, the statement added.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that unknown assailants threw a stun grenade at a checkpoint of the internal security forces “Asayish” near Haret Tay, south of Al-Qamishli. Gunfire was heard just after the explosion. No casualties were reported.

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