Regime authorities release several detainees from eastern Ghouta • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime authorities release several detainees from eastern Ghouta

Syrian regime authorities have released many people from eastern Ghouta since early April 2020, as a part of a series of recent release of detainees throughout Syria.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, several people from eastern Ghouta were released from Saidnaya and Adra prisons, since they had been arrested in different times.

One of the released detainees is from Hamouriyah town. He was arrested from Al-Duwayr shelter center after leaving eastern Ghouta through the “safe corridors” before regime’s control on the area. He was arrested by the “Air-force Intelligence” that took him later to Adra central prison where he was detained there for two years before he was released in the past few days.

Another young man from Saqba city was released two years after being arrested from Al-Duwayr shelter center as well. He has been informed just before releasing him to get prepared for joining the military services in no more than ten days.

In Al-Deir Salman town in Al-Marj area, another young man was released after being arrested in the capital, Damascus, following altercation with a regime soldier at checkpoint of Air-force Intelligence. The young man, who was 13 years old when he was arrest, was taken to Saidnaya military prison and then to Adra prisons.

While in Madera town, a young man was released from Adra prisons seven months after being arrested for unknown charge, although he had reconciled with regime security services after regime forces captured the area.

Similarly, regime security services released two persons from Harasta city after years of detention.

Meanwhile, a person from Douma city was released from Saidnaya military prison, two years after regime forces had informed his family of his death, since his family held a funeral for him at that time.

It is noteworthy that regime authorities released many detainees throughout Syria during this month under amnesty issued by the head of the Syrian regime.

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