The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes among Turkish-backed factions leave casualties in Ras al-Ain 

The Syrian Observatory monitored yesterday evening violent clashes with machine guns and RPGs, in the neighbourhoods of Ras al-Ain city “Sari Kani” between “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” and Turkish-backed “Al-Mutassim Brigade”. Clashes took place in the neighbourhood of Al-Mahata, Al-Abra, Church Street, the border crossing and Khazan Al-Miyah in the neighborhood of Kharabat.

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that the factions of “Al-Qaqaa Brigade” and the 20th Division were involved in the clashes.

The Syrian Observatory has documented the killing of two members of  “Al-Mutassim Brigade” and the injuries of others. Further casualties have been reported among the other factions.

SOHR sources have confirmed that the clashes were caused by a dispute over the sharing of money and royalties they had imposed on residents, as well as the seizure of private property of civilians.