Security chaos in southern Syria: gunmen target commander's house in local faction with RPG • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos in southern Syria: gunmen target commander’s house in local faction with RPG

Security chaos is increasing remarkably in Al-Suwayda province, amid heightened tensions with Daraa province particularly the recent clashes between al-Quraya and Bosra al-Sham militants.

In the meantime, unidentified assailants targeted the house of a commander in local factions in rural Al-Sweida, near Al-Kum road, causing material damage.

On April 20, SOHR sources reported that locals in the village of Al-Tha’ala in rural Al-Sweida found the body of a member of the reconciliation committee between Al-Sweida and Daraa in southern Syria. He was found dead with blows on the head by a sharp object, while on his farm.
SOHR sources added that the killers stole his car from the farm, to disguise the murder and make it look like a robbery-homicide.

Dignitaries from Horan (Darra) and Jabal al-Arab (Al-Sweida) had formed a reconciliation committee in order to defuse tensions between the two cities, without the presence of figures close to Syrian regime.
The victim is a Syrian from Al-Sweida province and opponent of the regime and he was an active member of the Democratic National Congress.

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