Fierce clashes among Local factions in Al-Sweida's Salkhad leave many casualties   • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fierce clashes among Local factions in Al-Sweida’s Salkhad leave many casualties  

Al-Suwayda governorate- Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored today clashes with machine guns and grenades in the city of Salkhad in rural Al-Sweida, between a local armed faction and “Sheikh al-Karama” forces. The clashes left five members and others injured on both sides, while tension continues in the city of Salkhad.

Yesterday, an unidentified assailant targeted the house of a commander in local factions with RPG in rural Al-Sweida, near Al-Kum road, causing material damage.

On April 20, SOHR sources reported that locals in the village of Al-Tha’ala in rural Al-Sweida found the body of a member of the reconciliation committee between Al-Sweida and Daraa in southern Syria. He was found dead with blows on the head by a sharp object, while on his farm.

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