The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hawl mini state: 567 persons mostly children have died since early 2019, amid international community’s inaction

Death still casts its shadows over “Al-Hawl mini state” in the north-eastern Al-Hasakah claiming the lives of more people in the wake of the deteriorating situations and inaction of all international bodies.

Syrian Observatory activists have documented the death of 82 persons since early 2020, including 52 children under the age of 18, because of the international organizations’ inaction which is reflected in the deteriorating health and living conditions, lack of medicine, and shortage of medical care in the camp.

Accordingly, the number of people who have died since early January 2019 to date rose to 567 persons, including 478 children under the age of 18. The people in Al-Hool camp have been suffering from the inhumane situation, especially after the camp turned into a mini state mostly accommodating children and women of the families of ISIS members.

The children who died were nationals of Britain, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, China, Chechnya, Turkestan, Morocco, Tunisia, Maldives, Indonesia. Somalia, and India, as well as other nationalities from Asia, Europe, and Africa.