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New Russian Armata tank had ‘many problems’ in Syria: Chinese media

In a report released this week, the China-based Sina News Agency slammed the new Russian T-14 Armata tank’s performance in Syria, claiming the armored vehicle had “many problems.”

“The Russians are hosting the show again. Recently, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov announced that the Armata tank is already participating in real battles on the Syrian battlefield,” the publication began.

“Under these conditions, the combat effectiveness of the main battle tank of the new generation T-14 Armata was tested, and many ‘problems’ were found. The actual combat conditions promoted by the Russians are actually a ploy. There is no evidence. The only real thing is that war is still going on in Syria,” Sina News said, comparing the tank to the Su-57 aircraft, which they claimed also had many ‘problems’ during its test.

“Su-57 fighters did not remain in Syria for a long time before returning back to Russia. During this period, they did not participate in any battles, even if the militants did not have decent air defense capabilities. The Su-57 fighter was not even tested in the bombing, and therefore this kind of test is like a joke in the international community , ”Sina News added.

It is not clear where the Russian military tested the Armata tank; however, there were no reports from Syria on its effectiveness, as Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sources said they had no idea that it was used in the county.

To date, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not commented on the tank’s performance in Syria.

Source: New Russian Armata tank had ‘many problems’ in Syria: Chinese media