The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Nearly 315 people killed in April 2020

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 314 people in April 2020. The fatalities were distributed as follows:


Civilian death toll: 136 persons, including 11 children under the age of 18, and 18 women over the age of 18, and they are as follows:


  • A civilian was killed in shelling by regime forces


  • Eight civilians died under torture in the Syrian regime’s prisons.


  • Four civilians, including one female, were killed as a result of opposition factions’ shelling.


  • Three civilians were killed in Israeli strikes.


  • One civilians was killed by “Peace Spring” factions.


  • Nine civilians, including two females, were executed by HTS.


  • 12 civilians, including two female, were killed in unknown circumstances.


  • 19 civilians, including four women, were killed in IED and landmine explosions.


  • 40 civilian, including 11 children under the age of 18 and three females over the age of 18, were killed in a booby-trapped explosions.


  • 39 civilians, including eight females, were killed in separate assassinations across Syria.


Syrian fighters of Islamic factions, opposition factions and other movements and organizations: 36


Syria Democratic Forces: 11


Regime forces: 47


Members of the Popular Committees, and the National Defense Forces, and loyalists to regime forces of Syrian citizens: 47


Loyalists to the regime forces of non-Syrian citizens mostly of the Shiite sect: 8


Fighters of Islamic factions, ISIS, Al-Nusra Front (Qaeda organization of the Levant), and Muhjereen and al-Ansar Army and Islamic Turkestan Party of non-Syrian citizens: 29


Despite all the attempts to find solutions, and the displacement, and the manipulation of the Syrians future, and the UNSC resolution and truces, and despite the low intensity of killing due to the international desire to seek a solution, however, the bloodshed continues on the Syrian territory and the killing and fighting continues without peace, and the cease-fire truces was only breaks between the sides of the conflict in Syria, where some parties were winners and others lost influence and control, so, we at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, we call for the international parties once again to work hard and make their utmost efforts to stop the bloodshed of the Syrian people, who faced tyranny and injustice to reach a state of justice, democracy, freedom and equality.


The Syrian Observatory renew its commitment to continue monitoring and documenting the massacres, violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Syrian people, in addition to publishing the statistics and causalities of those practices in order to stop these crimes, violations and atrocities against the Syrian people, and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to special international courts, so that they do not escape punishment for the crimes they committed against the people who was and still dream to achieve a state of democracy, freedom, justice and equality for all components of the Syrian people.