The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

US-Russian tension | U.S. forces deploy at Tal Tamr entrance blocking Russian patrol

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian observatory that U.S. troops have been deployed since early morning at the eastern entrance of Tal Tamr in Al-Hasakah countryside, in order to block the way of a Russian patrol set off from the Russian base in southern Tal Tamr. SOHR activists have monitored U.S. helicopters flying over the area.


Meanwhile, the Russian patrol took Aleppo-Al-Hasakah international highway to Al-Alya town.


This development comes two days after Russian police deployed their vehicles across the road to the eastern flank of Al-Qamishly city, preventing a U.S. patrol from entering the city. SOHR sources reported at that time that tension was prevailing in the area, amid flight of aircraft over the area.


It is noteworthy that it was the first time for Russian troops to intercept American forces, preventing them from crossing to somewhere in Syria, as it was familiar that the U.S. forces were the ones blocking the way of Russian forces.