The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al- Hesbah members thin men’s mustaches in the city of al- Mayadin, and IS execute 2 Syrians in the Iraqi city of al- Qaem

Deir Ezzor Province: SOHR knew that al- Hesbah patrols in the city of al- Mayadin are stopping the men who have long and thick mustaches, and then thinning their mustaches by a razor. They make them to choose between thinning their mustaches in front of people or to drag them to al- Hesbah posts to be whipped and then thinning their mustaches.


Cross- cutting sources informed SOHR that IS executed 2 men in the Iraqi city of al- Qaem of “al- Forat State”. The sources reported that the two men are from the village of al- Ramadi in the countryside of the border city of al- Bo Kamal and they are ex- fighters in the rebel battalions.


The warplanes carried out 2 raids on the village of al- Jnaynah and a raid on the village of al- Ji’ah in the west of Deir Ezzor.