Regime snipers shoot dead civilian while inspecting his house in Aleppo's Miznaz • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime snipers shoot dead civilian while inspecting his house in Aleppo’s Miznaz

Syrian Observatory activists have documented the killing of a civilian from Miznaz village in the western countryside of Aleppo, after being shot by regime snipers stationed on the outskirts of the village. The victim was inspecting his house nearby Miznaz village, when he was sniped.


SOHR reported earlier this morning that fierce clashes erupted in the early hours of Saturday morning between opposition factions and jihadi groups on one hand, and regime forces and loyalists on the other, on Al-Ftera frontlines in southern Idlib. The clashes were accompanied by artillery fire by regime forces on the area.


On the other hand, fierce clashes erupted in the area between Maarrat Al-Aliyah village and Saraqeb in the eastern countryside of Idlib, following an attempt by regime forces to advance into rebels’ positions. Meanwhile, regime forces carried out intensive artillery shelling, targeting frontlines in the area, amid reports about casualties in the ranks of both sides.


Yesterday, regime forces captured two members of the Islamic factions on the frontlines of Idlib countryside. Contact was lost with two members affiliated with “Jaish al-Ahrar” faction, after they entered an area under the control of regime forces, east of Idlib.

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