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A member in “al- Hesbah” wounds a child’s eye in the city of al- Bab

Aleppo Province: The helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on the neighborhoods of Joret Awwad and al- Myassar in the city of Aleppo leading to injure some people in al- Myassar.


Clashes are taking place between the regime forces against the rebels and Islamist groups in Old Aleppo.


The warplanes strafed places on the road of Ghazi Aynatab and Kafar Hamra area with no information about casualties.


Cross- cutting sources informed SOHR that a member from al- Hesbah (Islamic police) of IS in the city of al- Bab hit a child by a stick on his face for “delay for prayer” which led to wound one of his eye. The sources informed SOHR that the guardians of the child litigate against the member in the “Sharia Court” of IS but the sources reported that the court has not taken any action against the member yet.