The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR reveals | SDF Turkish commanders and officials escape to Turkey

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights continues monitoring and tracking the issue of SDF Turkish- born commanders’ escape to Turkey. In latest development, SOHR can reveal new details surrounding the killing of a financial official in SDF while attempting to escape to Turkey.


The official in question, known by his initials as B, is a Turkish Kurd and serves as a financial official in Syria Democratic Forces. The official was trying to escape to Turkey with large sums of money in his possession by virtue of his post, while another person escorted him.


The official planned to cross into Turkey via Jatli village and Qarmani town on Turkey-Syria border where Turkish vehicles were waiting for him. However, his repeated visits to the area uncovered his plan, as he was tracked by SDF intelligence and shot dead while attempting to escape. No further details have been reported about the fate of the second person escorting him.

SOHR has recently monitored many similar incidents which suggest that the escape of SDF commanders of the Turkish Kurds is on the rise. In the past few days, another financial official in Al-Darbasiyah known by his initials as D. managed to escape with large sums of money, after coordination with Turkey.


A Turkish-born woman, who serves as an SDF commander in Al-Raqqah, and another official responsible for tunnels in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) have also joined many escapees who managed to flee to Turkey.