Revealed | Trilateral coalition aims to block Tehran-Beirut "artery" and end Iranian presence in Syrian desert • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Revealed | Trilateral coalition aims to block Tehran-Beirut “artery” and end Iranian presence in Syrian desert

Reliable sources have told the Syrian Observatory that three powers, Israel, International Coalition and Russia, are converging on the same road, just like an indirect coalition which seeks to block Tehran-Beirut international highway and eliminate the Iranians in the Syrian desert.


According to very reliable SOHR sources, a delegation from Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) met with commanders of “Maghawir al-Thawra Forces” and “al-Nukhba Forces” operating in Al-Tanaf area in the Syrian desert.


The meeting, held a few days ago, was centered on coordinated advances of these forces into the desert, as well as carrying out military operations, backed by the International Coalition, against the Iranian forces and loyal militias in order to block Tehran-Beirut international highway in Syria.


During the meeting, it was agreed that “Maghawir al-Thawra” and “al-Nukhba” forces would advance at the beginning under the pretext of fighting the “Islamic State”.


While the issue of launching military operations depends mainly on the results of Russia’s attempts to persuade Iran to pullout its forces and loyal militias from the desert and  replace them with Russian-backed forces. The alternative forces are supposed to comprise tribal factions and ex-fighters who have struck reconciliation deals with security services.


If Russia fails to persuade the Iranians to retreat from the desert, a military solution comes to the fore and a ground operation will be carried out. There is a specialist network whose task is to collect information and geographic coordinates of Iranian targets and positions in “al-Shamiyyah” area. This network is affiliated directly to Israel and the International Coalition, while at the same time it has an indirect reporting line to Russia.


Furthermore, U.S. forces conduct reconnaissance tours and pay intensive and daily visits to SDF positions on the banks of Euphrates River.


For their part, the Iranians, the ultimate loser if Tehran-Beirut “artery” is blocked, have formed a strong line of defence along the desert, from Al-Bokamal near Iraq-Syria border to the south of Deir Ezzor city, as SOHR activists have reported seeing large military reinforcement being delivered to Iranian-backed militias, via Al-Bokamal crossing. A group of this reinforcement was transported in civilian buses to evade detection.


“Iranian forces have boosted several positions, including ‘T2′, M’eizileh, Haql Al-Ward, Al-Mazare’ in Al-Mayadeen desert, Ain Ali in Mahakan desert, Al-Majabil in Al-Quriyyah desert, Al-Imam Ali base, ‘T3′, other positions in Al-Wa’er desert, Hamimiyyah, Faydat Ibn Muwayni’, and other positions in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor,” SOHR sources added.