IS executes a man and drags him in the countryside of Homs • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS executes a man and drags him in the countryside of Homs

Homs Province: SOHR received a footage shows a soldier in the regime forces who “confessed” that he is from the province of Homs arrested from the abandoned battalion near the airbase of T4 in the countryside of Homs. A man appeared in the fottage saying “ O enemy of Allah Bashar al- Assad and O soldiers and supports of Bashar, I swear by God that our brothers’ blood is not going to be for free, if you kill one of us we will kill dozens, thousands but even a million of you and God is witness to our words. God willing, today our sisters is taking revenge from who killed her husband. This pig is one of Bashar al- Assad soldiers and he and his group are who killed her husband. Today she is going to take revenge and kill him, and tomorrow we are going to kill your soldiers O Bashar al- Assad and kill your sect people in your own city of al- Qerdaha and Allah is witness to our words.” The footage shows firing of about 20 bullets on the tied soldier who was lying on the ground, then IS militants dragged the soldier after he was tied behind a car carrying some IS militants.

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