The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

HTS’ military recruitment campaigns | New batch of fighters graduate in Idlib

The Syrian Observatory has monitored the graduation of a new batch of fighters of HTS’ “Red Bandages” from training camps in Idlib countryside.

The new batch comprised some 200 fighters received special trainings in street fighting and storming to be sent to the frontlines. A few weeks ago, HTS trained some 140 fighters of “Ali Army”, as members of storming and support on the frontlines.

Earlier this year, the Syrian Observatory monitored the polarization of the youth in the areas under the control of HTS and other factions, persuading them to join its ranks, as part of its previous recruitment campaigns of young people and children under the age of eighteen contrary to international covenants and conventions relating to the recruitment of children.

The general Consultative Council in Idlib launched a campaign under the name “infiroo khifafan wathiqalan” which means (go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed) in areas controlled by HTS, with the aim of “inciting and helping young people to jihad”, and calling the people for “jihad with mind and funds to defend the country from the Russian occupier and the criminal regime.”

The “Putin-Erdogan” area has seen tense calm since the new ceasefire came into effect, interspersed with artillery shelling and clashes on frontlines.