"No to war" and "No to Iranian presence in Syria" | Residents hold new vigil in Daraa Al-Balad • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“No to war” and “No to Iranian presence in Syria” | Residents hold new vigil in Daraa Al-Balad

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored a new vigil this afternoon in Daraa Al-Balad in Daraa city. The protesters chanted slogans demanding the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian-backed militias leave Syria.


The protesters also chanted slogans calling for peace and rejecting war following regime military reinforcement successively brought in to Daraa province, amid threats of launching large-scale military operation in residential areas. These developments come in the wake of ongoing assassinations which target regime affiliates and “collaborators” with regime forces throughout Daraa.


Yesterday, Observatory sources reported that unknown gunmen on motorcycle shot dead an ex-fighter in opposition factions in Hayt town in the western countryside of Daraa. That was the third assassination in only 12 hours.

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