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Commander and general sharia official in al-Qaeda-affiliated “Hurras al-Din” warns jihadi groups of being subject to “international understandings”

Syrian Observatory has obtained a copy of a video footage shows Sami Al-Oraydi, the general sharia official in “Hurras al-Din” which pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda, warning jihadi groups of being subject to “international understandings”.


In the video, Sami Al-Oraydi says “the jihadi groups which resort to the promises of the idols or to the international understandings, are the same like the call-for-Islam groups which resort to democracy to execute the “Sharia of Allah”, both think that they are doing well but they just run towards a mirage.”


“Dealing with the infidels, whether in the times of peace or times of war, has to be controlled by sharia orders and the absolute devotion to Allah, and to be under supervision of scholars and pious experts who are familiar with the criminals’ approaches, so that people will not resort to the enemies or obey infidels. Obeying infidels never brings good,” Al-Oraydi added.


Al-Oraydi directed his message to the jihadi groups in Idlib warning them of justifying accepting international understandings, describing the international understandings as a “trick”. He says “the attempts of some people who resort to the criminals and international understandings and agreements under the pretext of policy and common interests, can not trick us.”


Sami Al-Oraydi is a Jordanian ex-commander in al-Qaeda. He also used to be the most important sharia expert of the former Jabhat al-Nusra before he defected from it and joined “Hurras al-Din” which pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda. He was arrested previously by “Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham” for “created a crack in the ranks of the factions”.