Tense calm in "de-escalation zone", amid anticipations for anti-regime mass demonstration in eastern Idlib • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tense calm in “de-escalation zone”, amid anticipations for anti-regime mass demonstration in eastern Idlib

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored tense calm prevailing throughout the area of “Putin-Erdogan”, as the ceasefire in the area enters its 81st consecutive day. Meanwhile, civilians were seen flocking to Saraqeb-Sarmin highway, in order to participate in a mass demonstration demanding regime forces get out of their areas, so that the displaced people can return to their towns and village.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that civilians continued to return their areas in Idlib and south Aleppo countryside from which they have been displaced due to the military operations there. According to Syrian Observatory statistics, the number of displaced people who returned to their cities, towns and villages, reached nearly 255,000 people, in 80 days of the recent ceasefire which came into effect on March 5.


These developments coincide with catastrophic living conditions in HTS-controlled areas, in which these areas suffer from astronomical prices and lack of job opportunities, like all Syrian territories. Meanwhile, humanitarian organizations supposed to be concerned with the situations of refugees and displaced people, have had satisfied with presenting inconsiderable aid mostly taken over by officials who are in charge of distributing them.


Moreover, large number of displaced people have no place to return after regime forces captured some 300 cities, towns and villages in the area of “Putin-Erdogan” during recent military operations.

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