The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian airstrikes | Jets pound ISIS positions in Syrian desert

Syrian Observatory sources say that Russian jets executed several airstrikes this morning targeting positions of “Islamic State” in the Syrian desert. The Russian raids concentrated in Al-Raqqah desert.


ISIS unleashed an attack after midnight on regime positions in the south of Al-Raqqah province, followed by fierce clashes between both sides, amid confirmed reports about casualties.


Meanwhile, violent explosions rocked the area of Al-Thawrah oil field south of Al-Tabaqah city. The oil field is under the control of regime forces, while Russian forces are stationed there.


On May 18, SOHR sources reported that ISIS executed seven regime-backed militiamen in Deir Ezzor desert in the area between Deir Ezzor countryside and Al-Sukhnah in the far eastern Homs desert.


This incident came a few hours after ISIS blocked Damascus-Deir Ezzor road near Kabajib area.


SOHR sources reported a day earlier that ISIS seized a vehicle carrying regime soldiers, other military personnel and a woman whom were executed all by the organization’s members.