The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian military in NE Syria | Russia establishes new military base Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik)

Syrian Observatory sources say that nearly 12 Russian armoured vehicles arrived in the past few hours in Al-Malikiyah area (Dayrik), while two Russian helicopters flying over the area.


According to SOHR sources, Russian forces is setting up a new base in Qasr Deeb village in north-western Al-Malikiyah near Syria-Turkey border. The Russians installed several radars on a school in the village a few days ago.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that a large Russian convoy, escorted with U.S. patrol, headed to “Dirna Aghi” area of “Jal Agha/Al-Jawadiyah” district, east of Al-Qamishli.


According to SOHR sources, eight Russian vehicles headed to Dirna Aghi, then a Russian-American joint patrol caught up with the first Russian convoy to the area where a farmer was shot dead by the Turkish Jandarma ten days earlier.