The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

An agreement held in the courthouse of Horan to release the detainees and organize Nasib crossing

SOHR received a copy of a statement issued by “the courthouse of Horan” that “After Allah bestowed his favor on us by liberating Nasib border crossing and the Common Area some mistakes that distorted our blessed revolution committed during liberation. In order to continue in the mujahedeen’s victories, who have sacrificed so dearly to liberate the country from the criminal gangs of the regime and to give the rights back to its owners, in the interest of showing the brighten image of our blessed revolution and in order to rehabilitate the crossing and the duty free the military, media and civil events held a meeting in 4/4/2015 under the umbrella of the courthouse of Horan and agreed on the following:


  • To hand over all the detained drivers to the courthouse in a maximum period of 24 hours in order to hand them to their relatives.
  • To return all which had been taken by the civilians or fighters in a miximum period of 48 hours and under being culpable.
  • To consider Nasib border crossing a liberated and civilian area subjected to direct civil management represented by the council of Daraa Province.
  • A police force of the factions of the southern front protects and guards facilities from outside and to evacuate the crossing from all factions before 10.p.m. The police force affiliates to the civil management.
  • To organize the liberated border area and to put an ent to all irregularities.
  • To establish a judicial committee with a mission of recording claims of persons affected by the crossing incident.
  • To establish a committee to clear the goods and cars that were inside the duty free in order to hand them over to their owners after showing the papers that confirms the ownership of these goods.