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Turkish Military Deploys Heavy Howitzers In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Videos)

On May 30, the Turkish military deployed at least four M110 self-propelled howitzers in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The heavy howitzers, which ebelong to the Turkish Armed Forces’ 106th Artillery Regiment, entered Idlib through the Kafr Lusin border crossing.

Turkey’s Ihlas News Agency shared a video of the artillery guns passing through the province of Haytay. Another video, taken by Syrian opposition activists, showed the guns in Greater Idlib’s northern part.

The M110 203mm artillery gun range varies from 16,8 km to approximately 25 km when firing standard projectiles, and up to 30 km when firing rocket-assisted projectiles. A total of 219 howitzers of this type are in service with the Turkish Armed Forces.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), more than 100 Turkish military vehicles entered Greater Idlib over the last few days.

Turkey’s military buildup in Greater Idlib is likely not aimed against terrorist groups operating there. These groups are stationed right around Turkish posts. Ankara is most likely preparing for yet another confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

Source: Turkish Military Deploys Heavy Howitzers In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Videos)