The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“First Responders Team” discovers remains of two persons killed in Al-Raqqah five years ago

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that the “First Responders Team” of “Al-Raqqah Civil Council” has recovered the remains of two persons in Al-Jamili area in Al-Raqqah city center.


According to the forensic team’s report, the bodies belonged to two persons killed nearly five years ago during military operations by the International Coalition and Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic State”. The identities of the two fatalities are still unknown.


In mid April, “First Responders Team” of “Al-Raqqah Civil Council” discovered a new mass grave in Al-Raqqah province, containing the remains of nearly 200 bodies, in the village of Al-Hamrat in the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqa.


The bodies most probably belong to civilians and fighters who had been killed during ISIS control on the area.


Very reliable SOHR sources confirmed that most of the bodies were of the regime-backed militiamen of the “17th Division” who had been executed by ISIS during the organization’s control on the area.


Meanwhile, the forensic team reported that preliminary estimates indicate that the discovered bodies are of people  age  between 25 and 40.