The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik) | Russian forces withdraw from Qasr Deeb after skirmishes with locals and U.S. patrol

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that the Russian convoy, which was stationed yesterday in Qasr Deeb village in Al-Malikiyah countryside near Turkey-Syria border, withdrew this morning after yesterday’s skirmishes with the village’s residents in addition to intercepting the Russian patrol by U.S. forces.


According to SOHR sources, the retreating forces headed to Al-Qamishly.


Yesterday, Observatory sources said that two Russian helicopters were seen flying over Al-Malikiyah countryside (Dayrik) near Syria-Turkey border in Al-Hasakah countryside.


One of the two helicopters landed in Qasr Deeb village in Al-Malikiyah countryside, while the other kept flying, at a time when a Russian patrol arrived at the village’s school.


These developments came as a part of Russia’s plans to establish a new base in the area, despite the popular rejection.