The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime forces shell areas in Lattakia and Homs, and the Islamic battalions target al- Hamamiyyat checkpoint

Hama Province: The Islamic battalions targeted by homemade shells the regime positions in al- Hamamiyyat checkpoint in the north of Hama, information reported casualties.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in al- Hamamiyyat area and town of Kafar Zita with no information about casualties.


Homs Province: The regime forces opened fire on places in al- Holi area in the north of Homs. They also shelled places around the village of Om Sharshouh in the north of Homs causing material damages in people’s properties.


Clashes took place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against rebels and Islamic battalions around the village of al- Sa’en, information reported casualties on both sides.


Lattakia Province: The regime forces shelled places in the areas of Ghamam, al- Qantara, al- Frolloq, Atayra, al- Kabir and al- Sawdah in the north of Lattakia with no information about casualties.


2 members of the regime forces at least died in clashes with the rebels and Islamic battalions in the northern countryside of Lattakia.