The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime crackdown | Security services arrest over ten demonstrators in Al-Suwaidaa

Reliable SOHR sources have confirmed that regime security services have arrested more than ten demonstrators after participating in an anti-regime demonstration in Al-Suwaidaa city. Meanwhile, tension and security alertness are on the rise as the anti-regime demonstration was attacked by regime loyalists.


SOHR sources have just reported that tens of residents participated in an anti-regime demonstration in front of Al-Sayr square in Al-Suwaidaa city, calling for the toppling of Syrian regime and Al-Assad’s “departure”. The demonstrators also demanded the release of detainees held in regime’s prisons. Meanwhile, tens of regime loyalists gathered near the anti-regime demonstration, starting a pro-regime rally.


According to SOHR sources, the regime loyalists attacked the demonstrators, hitting them with hard objects which injured many. These development coincided with intense security deployment in Al-Suwaidaa city since morning.


On Saturday, SOHR activists monitored people of Jabal Al-Arab participating in a new demonstration, demanding the toppling of the Syrian regime.


Tens of residents gathered in Al-Sayr square in front of the municipality building in Al-Suwaidaa city, chanting anti-regime slogans like “The Syrian people are one – Long Live Syria and down with Bashar – We want detainees to be set free – Syrian blood is precious – here in Al-Suwaidaa, the regime has fallen”.


The demonstrators also chanted slogans showing their support to all Syria’s provinces calling upon all Syrians to go out in anti-regime demonstrations.