The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Kidnappings in Daraa | Communication lost with Christian young woman in Izra’a

Daraa Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: kidnappings are escalating greatly in Daraa province in the wake of deteriorating security situation and disorder.


SOHR sources have confirmed that all contacts with a Christian young woman from Izra’a city were lost yesterday, while she was leaving the city’s Technical Industrial Institute, amid reports suggesting she was kidnapped by unknown individuals.


It is worth noting that the city is under the control of Iranian-baked militias, the 5th Corps, the 12th Brigade, and Saraya Al-Arin 313.


On June 6, SOHR sources reported that a gang attempted to kidnap a child in the Western Al-Gharya town in Daraa countryside, but the child managed to escape and survive.


Observatory activists also reported on June 4 that unknown persons kidnapped a Palestinian civilian in Al-Muzayreb town, west of Daraa.


While in Jilin area, unidentified gunmen tried to kidnap a child in Daraa countryside, but the child managed to escape.