The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The helicopters and aircrafts strike areas in Idlib and Homs


Idlib Province: The warplanes carried out 2 raids on places in the village of Bdama in the countryside of Jeser al- Shagour and 2 raids on places in the two villages of Mantef and Shnan leading to wound some people in Shnan.


A child died due to the regime shelling on the outskirts of the city of Khan Sheikhoun in the south of Idlib. The regime forces also shelled places in the town of Darkosh.


Homs Province: The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in Ez al- Din and Deir Fol areas.


The regime forces opened fire on places in the neighborhood of al- Wa’er in the city of Homs.


Clashes are erupting between the regime forces against the rebels and Islamic battalions near the city of al- Rastan in the north of Homs.


A child and a woman died due to dropping barrel bombs on places in the city of al- Rastan.