The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli attacks | Airstrikes kill five Iranian militiamen in eastern Syria, and destroy military communications center in the south

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored this evening Israeli strikes targeting several positions of Iranian-backed militias on Al-Sukhna-Deir ez-Zour road in eastern Syria. The attack destroyed a military center of the militias, killing five militiamen, amid reports suggesting that others were injured, some in a serious condition.

On the other hand, at least two soldiers of the regime air defense were killed and others injured by Israeli strikes targeting a communications and radar center, in a military gatherings of regime forces, which includes Iranian-backed militias, in Tal Al-Sahen area in rural Al-Sweida. The Israeli strikes caused extensive damage to the communications tower and ignited fire in the area. 

SOHR activists have reported hearing explosions in eastern countryside of Al-Sweida, caused by Israeli shelling targeting military positions of Iranian militias in Tal Al-Sahen area in Al-Sweida countryside and Kabajib area in Deir ez-Zor countryside.

The attack coincided with the regime’s air defenses intercepting targets over the region.