The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daraa | Seven regime soldiers and 5th Corps fighters killed during clashes, and regime forces expelled from towns of eastern countryside

Daraa governorate – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the killing of five regime soldiers during clashes with members of the 5th Corps in the eastern countryside of Daraa today.

The 5th Corps forces were also put on high alert in the villages and towns of Al-Giza, Al-Sahwa, Al-Karak, Um Walad, Bosra al-Sham, Naseeb, Um al-Mayathin and Al-Taybeh in the Daraa countryside.

SOHR activists reported earlier that two members of the Fifth Corps were killed after clashes with regime forces in Mahajeh town in Daraa countryside, after a checkpoint of the Military Intelligence branch attacked a civilian from the town.

On the other hand, tension prevailed in the area, while a military column of the 8th Brigade headed from Bosra al-Sham to the site of the clashes in the town of Mahajeh. Columns of regime forces also headed to the vicinity of the town.

This brings the number of attacks and assassination attempts in various forms and methods by detonating IEDs, mines, booby-trapped vehicles and shootings from past June to date, to more than 527 attacks.

While the number of those who killed and died in the same period has risen to 352 persons, 85 of whom are civilians, including eight women and eight children, in addition to 174 regime soldiers, loyalists and collaborators with regime security services.

57 members of opposition factions were also killed, those who struck “settlements and reconciliations” with the regime and became members of regime security services, including former leaders, and 19 members of Syrian militias affiliated to Lebanese “Hezbollah” and Iranian forces, in addition to 17 members of so-called “Fifth Corps”.