Al-Hasakah | Tens of Russian vehicles arrive in "Derna Aghi" from Al-Qamishly airbase • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hasakah | Tens of Russian vehicles arrive in “Derna Aghi” from Al-Qamishly airbase

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that a large column of Russian forces of tens of vehicles and armoured vehicles headed this morning to “Derna Aghi” village in the countryside of Al-Qahtaniyyah town.


According to SOHR sources, the column set off from Al-Qamishly airbase, while the reasons behind this visit have yet to be known.


Yesterday, Russian forces continued conducting routine patrols in areas where they have been located in Al-Hasakah and Al-Raqqah countryside as a part of attempts to entrench their presence in NE Syria.


In this context, SOHR sources said that Russian forces ran a patrol in the vicinity of Sherkrak area in northern Al-Raqqah.

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