The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The warplanes and helicopters strike areas in Aleppo province, and some shells land on the city of Aleppo

Aleppo Province: Clashes are taking place between the regime forces supported by NDF, Hezbollah and al- Baath battalions against the Nusra Front, Ansar al- Din Front, rebel and Islamic battalions around Aleppo Castle in the Old Aleppo.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the neighborhood of Bostan al- Basha and on the villages of al- Shahid, Sayyalah and Hweir al- Hes in the southern countryside of Aleppo. The warplanes attacked places in the town of Kafar Hamra in the northwest of Aleppo leading to kill a child while others were wounded. They also struck places in the town of al- Mansora and town of Anadan in the north of Aleppo leading to kill a man.


Several shells landed on the regime- held areas in the city of Aleppo with no information about casualties.


The regime forces shelled and opened fire on the neighborhood of al- MashHad.


IS launched some shells on places in the town of Soran I’zaz.


Damages caused by aerial bombardment on the neighborhood of al- Ferdos in the city of Aleppo.