The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime forces launch 34 missiles on Zebdin in 9 days, while the helciopters drop 40 barrel bombs on al- Yarmouk Camp in 10 days

Rif Dimashq Province: The regime forces targeted a car on the road linking between the town of Deir Maqran and village of Ifrah in Wadin Barada leading to outbreak of fire in the car and intitial information about death of one man at least.


The regime forces have launched 34 suspected surface- to- surface missiles during the last nine day which led to kill and wounded some people.


The helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on places in the city of al- Zabadani.


Damascus Province: A member from the Palestinian Liberation Army died in clashes with the rebel and Islamic battalions in Rif Dimashq.


The clashes between Aknaf Bayt al- Maqdes, backed by fighters from the Islamic factions, and IS re-erupted in al- Yarmouk Camp. Other clashes are taking place between the regime forces, backed by members of the Popular Front- General Command, and IS on the outskirts of the camp, information reported advancement for the regime forces. The clashes accompanied with violent shelling on the Nusra Front- held areas in the camp.


The helicopters dropped 4 barrel bombs on al- Yarmouk Camp rising the number of barrel bombs dropped on the camp since the fourth of this month until now to 40 barrels at least.