The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

10 people, including 5 children killed in Rif Dimashq, and the calshes continue in al- Yarmouk camp

Rif Dimashq Province: The regime forces shelled places in the agriculture lands located between the two towns of Khan al- Shih and al- Deir Khbayyah, amid targeting a regime checkpoint in al- Deir Khabayyah by the rebel battalions, information reported casualties on the regime forces ranks.  


2 men died due to shelling by the regime forces on places on the road linking between the two villages of Ifrah and Deir Maqran. A fighter from the Islamic battalions died after he was wounded in clashes with the regime forces in Jrud al- Qalamoun ( the barren rocky mountain of al- Qalamoun).


The number of people who were killed due to the regime shelling on the town of Zebdin has risen to 10, including 5 children.


Damascus Province: Violent clashes are still taking place between the regime supported by NDF and Hezbollah against the Nusra Front, rebels and Islamic battalions in the neighborhood of Jobar and around the neighborhood al- Qaboun. Other clashes are taking places between Aknaf Bayt al- Maqdes, backed by Islamist factions, and IS in al- Yarmouk  camp, coincided by the regime shelling on places in the camp leading to kill a man.