The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime troops bombard areas in Daraa, and violent clashes break out in al- Quneitera

Daraa Province: The regime forces opened fire on places around the towns of al- Hrak and Othman. They also shelled places in the city of Inkhel and outskirts of the town of Jasem. A teacher died of wounds due to the regime shelling on the town of al- Hrak.


2 fighters from the Islamic battalions died in clashes with the regime forces and allid militiamen around the town of Bosra al- Harir.


The regime forces shelled places in the town of Bosra al- Harir, information about casualties.


Clashes broke out between the regime forces against the rebel and Islamic battalions near the Brigade 15 in the east of Inkhel City.


Al- Quneitera Province: Intensive clashes erupted between the Nusra Front, rebel and Islamic battalions against Hezbollah, backed by the regime forces and Iranian fighters, near the Western Samadaniyyah town and other areas in the mid- sector of the countryside of al- Quneitera, information reported casualties on both sides.