The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Airstrikes | Russian jets renew shelling Jabal Al-Zawiya, and over 20 air raids hit “de-escalation zone” today

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the death of a civilian from injuries he sustained in a rocket attack by regime forces on the city of Ariha in the southern countryside of Idlib.

On the other hand, Russian jets renewed their airstrikes this evening, targeting with three raids the village of Sofhin in Jabal al-Zawiya, south of Idlib, coinciding with artillery shelling by regime forces targeting the villages of Al-Bara, Ain Larouz and Al-Fatira and the town of Kansafra in the southern Idlib countryside. No casualties have been reported yet.

This brings the number of airstrikes by Russian jets during the day to 21, in areas in the Idlib and Latakia countryside. Kabana frontline in Jabal al-Akrad was targeted by 12 raids, and Binin and Al-Bara in Jabal al-Zawiya with three raids, and Safohin with three raids.

SOHR activists have said eralier that a reconnaissance drone of regime forces and loyalists targeted today a motorcycle carrying a man and a woman near the town of Kansafra in Jabal al-Zawiya, south of Idlib, injuring them.

Meanwhile, five civilians, including children, sustained various injuries in regime rocket attacks on Ariha city in the southern countryside of Idlib.