The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

6 members of NDF and the local militaimen killed during retaking al- Ma’amel area

Al- Hasakah Province: The warplanes attack places in al- Shaddadi area in the south of al- Hasakah with no information about casualties.


Clashes had taken place between YPG and IS in the southwest of the city of Ras al- Ayn with no information about victims.


Aleppo Province: NDF and local militiamen from the towns of Nobbol and al- Zahraa could retake al- Ma’amel area located IN the south of the town of al- Zahraa, where the Nusra Front and other Islamic battalions seized this area in the last of February of 2014 after violent attack launched on the town towns. The clashes that took place this morning resulted in the death of 6 members of NDF and the local militiamen as well as death of some fighters of the Nusra and Islamic battalions.


The number of people who were killed due to aerial bombardment on the city of al- Bab has risen to 3, including a child.