The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Sajo | Death toll of car-bomb explosion rises to seven people, and over 60 injured near Bab al-Salama crossing

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented a spike in the death toll. Seven people were killed, including five civilians and two unidentified persons, as a result of the car-bomb explosion this evening at the roundabout of Sajo town near Bab al-Salama crossing with Turkey.

The number of injured has risen to more than 60, including women and children, some of them in serious conditions.

This comes days after Turkish intelligence and Turkish-backed military police launched raids and arrests of Islamic State members in their areas of control.

On June 26, ISIS has announced its responsibility for the assassination of an official in the real estate offices who was shot dead yesterday in Al-Bab city in north-eastern Aleppo, via ISIS-affiliated accounts on social media. This is not the first time for ISIS to adopt assassinations in Al-Bab city which is under the control of Turkish forces and “Euphrates Shield” factions. ISIS had acknowledged the assassination of a regime dissident colonel who became a commander in the Turkish-backed “National Army”.

ISIS is stepping up its activities in the areas of “Euphrates Shield”, at a time when the “Iraqi battalion” intensifying searching and attempts to catch them.